Mom's Costume Pearls into a Collar Necklace, a Restyle

With a few steps, Mom's vintage costume pearls can be restyled and gifted, just in time for Mothers Day.

This restyle project was inspired by a collar necklace spotted at Anthropologie with a price tag of $78, but we'll show you how to make one yourself for just pennies.

Learn how to make a restyled pearl necklace after the jump.

-- Costume Pearls
-- Felt
-- Tulle Netting
-- Satin Ribbon (1 in. wide)
-- Scissors
-- Fabric Glue

1. Cut the old pearl necklaces apart, discarding the cording and stashing the loose beads in a bowl
2. Cut a felt shape as the form you'd like the base of the collar necklace

3. Begin in one area and lay down a generous amount of fabric glue, begin building a layer of pearl beads on top of the glue

4. Repeat this over the whole collar shape to cover with pearl beads

5. Cut a piece of light colored tulle to cover the front completely and wrap around to the back, this is act like a catch in case any of the glued on beads fall off

6. Once you wrap the tulle around the back cut the overage into one inch stripes, down to the alignment with the felt, lay a bead of glue down all along the edge and push the tulle on to the glue

7. Cut small strips of the felt and cover the bead of glue to secure the tulle in place

8. Now take the satin ribbon, cut it into three pieces, 24 inches long each

9. Tie the three pieces together at one end

10. Braid them all together and tie the other end of them together

11. On the back of the collar necklace place fabric glue at the top and press the tied knots of the ribbon braids into the glue, cover with a strip of felt to secure in place, trim the felt once dry

12. Allow to dry and you are ready to wear or give as a gift

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