Monsterland's Sneak Preview Night in Photos

There was a distinct chill in the air last night, which provided the perfect setting for the arrival of Monsterland.

The Mesa haunted house and horror film museum held a special sneak preview on Wednesday night, offering a select few the chance to catch a glimpse of its undead denizens. 

When Monsterland's grand opening takes place on Friday, patrons will wind their way through a dank maze of more than two dozen themed rooms that make up the two-floor haunted house and are populated by sharp-toothed werewolves, blood-soaked body parts, and dour-looking demons.

All of these creepy creations (which are crafted from foam and latex) are the brainchildren of Monsterland's resident monster-makers/co-owners Breanna Wynn and Kyle Thompson, both of whom were on hand to show off their wicked works to the public.

Check out our slideshow of the all the ghastly ghouls and other creatures of the night inside Monsterland.

Monsterland's grand opening takes place at 6 p.m. on Friday. Tickets are $2 (with regular a regular admission of $15 for children, $22 for adults.

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