Nail Tattoos: Because Doodling on Your Nails with Permanent Marker Was So Nine Years Ago

painful to look when you haven't cleaned your mangy nails in three weeks, and instead of just drawing smiley faces and pizza slices on your nails with a marker, you've decided to go (semi) permanent. This just in: the dollar sign has two vertical lines and Coco Chanel is pissed. 

In today's example of "I cannot believe you paid money to have that done, took embarrassingly horrifying pictures, and posted them all over the internet," we bring you nail tattoos (and subconsciously wonder what ever happened to Avril Lavigne and checker-print Vans). 

Yes, nail tattoos utilize a tattoo gun on the sensitive nerve beds called the your fingertips that are protected by hard shells for a reason. 

Testimonials (including one from the blogger above who wished to display her affinity for diamonds and whatever the hell that is next to Coco's emblem) claim that the procedure doesn't hurt, as the needle isn't supposed to penetrate into the nail bed, and that the decoration is semi-permanent, as each grows out with your natural nail. 

The bad news: we can't find a tattoo shop in Phoenix that will perform the procedure (or take you seriously when you call). 

The good news: for just $60 at the Chop Shop in Philadelphia, you can snag 10 reasons why you'll be wearing gloves for the next few months. Just ask for Bobby. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.