OBEY X Keith Haring for Urban Outfitters: Sigh.

Leave it to Shepard Fairey, popular graffiti artist turned head honcho of big apparel brand OBEY, to collaborate with Urban Outfitters to produce a line fit for young hipsters and art-school wannabes.

Urban Outfitters unveiled its OBEY X Keith Haring line of sweatshirts, tank tops, journals, and T-Shirts this month with artwork produced by the late pop artist Keith Haring, designed and printed by clothing/accessory giant OBEY.

Fairey says in a video released by Urban Outfitters that the collaboration between OBEY and The Keith Haring Foundation, now run by Julia Gruen (Haring's former assistant), was natural, that there was "so much overlap" in his and Haring's philosophies.

A little background:

Haring was a street artist who gave away as much art as possible, painted on countless public walls (including one here in Phoenix) and was a steadfast believer in art being free.

Fairey's a street artist turned contemporary graphic designer and illustrator who launched clothing line OBEY (tagline: worldwide propaganda delivery) and has been accused of "turning graffiti culture into a self-promoting ad campaign." His wife also admitted to reporters this week that he's no longer putting his own artwork up on the street.

So you can send a big thanks to OBEY for your new American Super Crop Tank ($68), OBEY Keith Haring Eyes Tee ($28), and your newly plastered dorm room walls with Keith Haring pattern decals ($59).

Not included: Street cred

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.