Pasties, Parties and Life-Sized Champagne Glasses: A Weekend of Burlesque

Join local burlesque troupe, Scandalesque, in a weekend full of glitz, glamor and sexy dancing featuring legendary burlesque star, Catherine D'lish, known for her extravagant outfits and props as well as her other, ummm, amazing assets.

Dita Von Teese might be burlesque's best-known name, but according to Scandalesque star Pyra Sutra,  D'lish is responsible for transforming Von Teese from a fetish model to star, teaching her everything she knows about burlesque dancing, costumes and even her famous martini glass routine. "Everything Dita does [as far as burlesque goes], she learned from Catherine," says Sutra.

And now you can spend a weekend watching and learning from the "mother of the burlesque movement" as well. 

Correction: This article has been modified to include some context of Sutra's comments.

Check out a list of events happening November 12 through 14 after the jump ...

Friday, Nov. 12: 
Opening night gala 
Get in the sexy dance spirit with drink specials, live jazz music, artist meet-and-greets, student dance exhibitions and teasers for the weekend of burlesque-y events. Located at Hotel San Carlos, 8 p.m. $10.

Saturday, Nov. 13: 
Burlesque Costume Lecture
Catherine D'lish talks pasties, feathers and the art of burlesque costume design. Join the dancer as she shows off her own exquisite garments (one be-jeweled bra takes over 1,400 man-hours to make) and extravagant props from her personal collection and dishes on working with fellow-burlesque celeb, Dita Von Teese. Located at Whiteman Hall in Phoenix Art Museum from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Free with price of admission

Burlesque Live!
Scandalesque performs new material, including aerial dancing, French mimes and live singing. There will be live jazz plus music from singer Tim Doyle (who is "very Michael Buble-esque" according to Sutra). Finally, see the special guest of the weekend, Catherine D'lish and her signature champagne glass. Count on lots of cleavage, glitter, gryration and gymnastics. Bid on a silent auction (flaming pasties, anyone?) Hotel San Carlos, 8 p.m., $25.

Sunday, Nov. 14
The Burlesque Workshop
It's not everyday you have the opportunity to take a class called Rock Your Boa. The all-day class is teaching this, plus Burlesque 101, Feather Fan Intro, and a Burlesque Jazz class from noon to 4 p.m. at Al Moro Studio for $80. 

Each event is available separately, or guarantee admission and devote your entire weekend to non-stop boas and boob-shaking for a discounted price of $100.

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Carrie Wheeler