Visual Arts

Peer Inside the Colorful World of the Meat Puppets' Cris Kirkwood at Carly's Bistro

If his vibrant paintings and colorful songwriting is any indication, the mind of Cris Kirkwood is a lively place indeed. Just ask the 51-year-old musician and artist himself, who tends to live in his head often.

That's not a slight against Kirkwood -- a founding member of highly influential local rock band Meat Puppets along with his brother Curt -- as he admits to doing some of his better work while living in his head, whether it was collaborating on songs or creating his bizarrely beautiful drawings and paintings.

"I really do just let the things fall on the paper as they will," Kirkwood says of the self-described ink on paper "doodlings" he's created during his lifetime. A number of these freaky-deaky drawings are adorned with watercolor for an added touch of weirdness, which you can experience for yourself via the dozen or so paintings hanging on the walls of Carly's Bistro during the month of March.

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