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Phoenix Artist Emily Costello Designs New Lucha Libre Lottery Tickets

Detail of one of Emily Costello's newest designs for the Arizona Lottery.
Detail of one of Emily Costello's newest designs for the Arizona Lottery. Arizona Lottery
Phoenix artist Emily Costello has created four new designs for the Arizona Lottery. Each features characters wearing masks associated with a form of freestyle wrestling called lucha libre. Her Mexican luchadors include a woman, a man, a cat, and a Chihuahua.

Arizona Lottery officially announced the new designs in an August 22 press release, which notes that Costello's work is part of an ongoing series designed to "showcase the art and culture of our great state in ways that celebrate our heritage."

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Checking out sketches for Emily Costello's Lucha Libre characters.
Arizona Lottery
Each ticket includes up to 10 opportunities to win, with a top prize of $10,000. The Lucha Libre Loot tickets, which cost $2 each, have been available since August 7. Currently, there are 8 $10,000 prizes available, and the odds of winning one are 1 in 246,300, according to the Arizona Lottery website.

Last year, Arizona Lottery released scratchers with a Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, theme, which also featured Costello's designs. Costello was selected through a statewide art contest, and has since been named the lottery's first artist in residence.

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Here's a look at Emily Costello's latest Arizona Lottery designs.
Arizona Lottery
She's also been commissioned to create designs with a Southwest theme for a scratchers ticket called 7s.

Costello is a self-taught artist, whose art practice includes painting, printmaking, and mixed media work inspired by her Mexican heritage. She's part of an Arizona-based Latina art collective called the Phoenix Fridas, and co-founder for the Mucho Mas Art Studio.

"I am excited to continue to share my work and promote the regional culture of the Arizona community," Costello says.
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