Phoenix Comicon 2013, Phoenix Hostel's Mural Tour, Sunshine Underground, and the Indy 500 Over The Weekend

The Geek Girls, Booth Babes, and Sexy Super-heroines of Phoenix Comicon 2013 Femme fatales, cutie-pie cosplayers, and sexy geek girls turned out en masse to the Phoenix Convention Center from Thursday, May 23, to Sunday, May 26, for Phoenix Comicon 2013. They came dressed in the slinky and skintight threads of such comic book vixens as Lady Thor, Black Cat, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy, as well as other heroines from the realms of films, video games, science fiction, and fantasy. Naturally, there were a number of Slave Girl Leias from Return of the Jedi, which is practically de rigueur for any 'con.

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The Costumes and Cosplayers of Phoenix Comicon 2013 Tens of thousands of folks came out to Phoenix Comicon 2013 over the Memorial Day weekend, and majority of them came dressed in costume inspired by comics, movies, TV shows and other geek-oriented obsessions. There were countless clones of Boba Fett, Batman, Doctor Who, and Iron Man, of course, as well as mention browncoats, steampunkers, bronies, and anime fans dressed as their favorite heroes and villains. Then there were the more original or unique cosplayers who crafted their own DIY characters. Here are our personal favorites from Comicon.

Sunshine Underground at Hotel Palomar, 5/26/13 Downtown Phoenix party gurus/DJs Sean Watson and William Reed launched their newest event, the weekly summertime poolside shindig Sunshine Underground, on Sunday, May 26, at the Hotel Palomar's third-floor Lustre Bar. While tracks of the indie dance variety were booted up by both Watson and Deux Yeux at the outdoor establishment, patrons soaked up the sounds along with the afternoon sun while splashing about in the pool or engaging in a Memorial Day weekend mellow out at one of the many cabanas.

Phoenix Hostel Mural Tour, 5/26/13 If you have ever walked around pretty much anywhere downtown, you can't help but notice murals of all subjects and sizes. It's a downtown art that has been around for some time with new murals popping up almost every week. Unless you are there when the mural goes up, it's really up for interpretation as to both the process and meaning. But last night over 50 people met at the Phoenix Hostel & Cultural Center off of 9th Street and Roosevelt for a two hour guided mural tour of downtown. Kate Saunders led the group through the streets of downtown Phoenix guiding us through some of the unique techniques used to produce the murals.

People of the Indy 500's Snake Pit The massive infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway includes an area called the "Snake Pit," best described as a party zone where the grass is littered with thousands of smashed beer cans, while people of all ages -- though the demo skews college-aged & white -- generally go nuts. Look out for lots of instances of the American-flag-as-fashion: bikini tops, bikini bottoms, bandannas, T-shirts, shorts, hats and denim vests. The party gets going at 7 a.m. and runs through the end of the race in the late afternoon. Photographer Nate "Igor" Smith was there for the 2013 edition, where Diplo and Afrojack DJ'd the debauchery in corn country.

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