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Phoenix Realtor Brad Speck to Appear on House Hunters

Real estate is a hot topic in the Valley of the Sun. From talking about the most expensive neighborhoods to the most up-and-coming, it seems people can't say enough about the best places to buy a home in metro Phoenix.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that this bustling metropolis is making yet another appearance on the hit HGTV show House Hunters.

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The episode, which will air Wednesday, May 21, will feature Phoenix Realty One agent Brad Speck and his clients Janine Amity and Matt Ackerman. Looking to escape the spacious but solitary life of living in a Peoria McMansion, the Ackermans turn to Speck, their friend and realtor, for help.

Ultimately, the couple wants to be as conscious about location as they are about their budget, looking for homes that will cut down their cumulative three-hour workday commute without cutting into the expense of enjoying the outgoing Central Phoenix lifestyle.

As for the house itself, the Ackermans have one main issue -- make that four. As avid dog rescuers, the Ackermans need a yard that can accommodate their four large breeds.

While Speck succeeds in finding the Ackermans a home in the coveted Camelback Corridor that meets the needs of their pets, their price range, and their proximity to civilization, the Ackermans are forced to downsize -- going from roughly 3,200 square feet in the West Valley suburbs to 1,600 square feet in a Central Phoenix 'hood.

But Speck says that's the trend these days.

"I would say for me as a realtor I'm seeing more and more Generation X and Millennials making different choices -- not necessarily seeking out the big suburban American dream of a big massive home. They want something that's more unique and has character and is closer to the city and where they live their lives."

Episode HNT-8713ZH, starring Speck and the Ackermans, will air at 10 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, May 21, and again 1 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, May 22, on HGTV. For details, visit

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