Photos: The Brides of March and the Peace Pi Festival in Phoenix

The Brides of March 2014 in Downtown Phoenix

A flash-mob style pub crawl that consists of people donning wedding gowns and mobbing up on a boozy establishment for drinks and all-around good times known as The Brides of March celebrated its annual outing on Saturday, March 15, in Central Phoenix. This year, it started at Kobalt and then visited Lucky Strike/Gypsy Bar, Bliss/ReBar, The Bar on Central, George & Dragon, and finally Charlie's.

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Peace Pi Festival and Grand Opening of Walter Studios Creative Art Center

It was a colorful, goopy mess Saturday, March 15, at the grand opening of Walter Studios Creative Art Center.

The idea is to celebrate humanity as a beautiful mess, to inspire random acts of goodwill and peace into the growing human network, says founder of Peace Pi Robert Farthing. Attendees had the creative choice of not just choosing what colors they wanted to smash into other peace-goers faces, but why.

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