Political (Action) Figures: The Republican Candidates' Collectible Matches

Remember when you stopped rehashing TV and comic book storylines with your action figures, and instead re-cast them to play out real-life drama? Like that one time your dad (played by Hordak) got drunk and totaled the minivan (a great stand-in by Ecto-1) then tried to hide it from your mom (the Baroness). 

Perhaps that was that just me. 

If you're still reeling from the Iowa Caucus and can't make sense out of the current crop of GOP frontrunners and their platforms, a little action figure therapy just might help you sort everything out - and where better to do it than the Arizona Popular Culture Experience.

John Edwards (not that one) is the proprietor of the geek haven at Desert Ridge - and with 10,000 different vinyl and plastic totems of your youth - has the perfect stage to re-enact this year's biggest battle.

Edwards (an avowed Republican) casts five collectibles as his vision of the GOP candidates after the jump ...

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Bob Beard