Printmaking with John Armstrong and Gabriela Machado

​Brazilian abstract impressionist artist Gabriela Machado is in Phoenix for the first time this week to work with master printmaker John Armstrong to create prints of her work.

Machado studied architecture and says she continues to use the same spacial principles in her work. Objects from her daily life in Rio de Janeiro inspire the forms of her work -- from hanging flowers and laundry to orange peels.

Tonight, phICA, Shemer Art Center, and Armstrong-Prior Inc. are presenting "Sunset at Shemer" as a way for the community to get the chance to meet the international artist.

Check out Armstrong's studio and a look at the printmaking process after the jump ...

While her art comes in many different media and an array of colors in her acrylic-and-water paintings, a bold red is a dominant feature in much of her work. 

"I use red color like black" she says. "For me it's not just color, it's a power. It could be black or red, but the red brings the energy."

Below, John Armstrong describes the printmaking process ...

... And pull the layers off to reveal the print to dry. (Machado pictured above)

Wrapping up the rest of her week in Phoenix, Machado hopes that her audience will enjoy being exposed to the work so strongly influenced by her home.

"It's so good for me to show my work here," she says. "It's another culture and a different kind of art. It's great for artists to change and mix cultures to get a new experience like this."

phICA and Shemer Art Center and Museum will host Machado at the art center, 5005 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix at 5:30 p.m.. The event is free, open to the public, and includes live music and live music by Bossa Brazil. For more info, see the event invitation.

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