R+B Diva: Lady J at Char's Has The Blues

Looking for something to do this week? "Night Owl" is a quick guide to special nights at bars and clubs around town. We'll give you a few hints re: cover, dress code, music and atmosphere. Tuesday and Saturday nights mark "Lady J's Night" at Char's Has The Blues in Phoenix.

It was about time we hit up a blues bar and we hear Char's Has The Blues is a must-see. 
Every Tuesday and Saturday night, Lady J and her band get the little house on 7th Avenue movin' with R&B, soul, funk and of course, the blues. 

The Time: Tuesday and Saturday nights, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The Place: 4631 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix.

The Cover: $6 on Saturday, no cover Monday through Thursday.

The Parking: Lot and street parking.

The Bar: A funky little house emitting music that can be heard a block away, Char's makes a big impression even before you walk in. The dark, congested bar has stools lining the walls and tables scattered throughout. The dance floor directly in front of the stage is packed all night, so arriving early is best to score a good spot.

The bar also has reserved spots for guests looking to beat the rush. The ceiling fans barely make an impression when the bar gets muggy from the swarms of people, but the music is so good, you'd feel crazy to leave. 

The Music: Char's specializes in blues, R&B, soul, motown and funk. Lady J and her band get the crowd singing and dancing on and off the dance floor with songs from Erykah Badu and Prince. One minute, the room is bouncing to a throbbing bass that can be felt through the floor and the next, it cools down with a slow jam as couples sway together on the dance floor and guests gossip over cocktails. It's the perfect mix between a bluesy lounge and a funky club.

The People: Char's is a place for all sorts of ages and dancing abilities -- and no one's afraid of shakin' it on the dance floor. 

The Fashion: Fashion is definitely not noted at Char's, owners and guests just care that you're having a good time. You'll see everything from jeans and a T-shirt to guests decked out in their Saturday night best.
What we loved: One of those rare bars where the music is hypnotizing and atmosphere keeps you hours past your planned departure.

What we didn't love: This place was cooking, and this is December. We are guessing it has to do with the crazy crowd in the place that barely allowed standing room. Good for the business, not so good for guests.

Would we go back? Yes. If you're looking for something fun for New Year's Char's is hosting a party with live music by the Soul Power band.

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Jessica VanZalen