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Rossitza Todorova Collapses Time and Space in Intersections at Night Gallery

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Todorova was born in Bulgaria but has lived in the United States for the past two decades. She obtained a BFA from the University of Nevada, Reno and worked as an arts administrator for the Nevada Arts Council before moving to Arizona to pursue a Master's at ASU.

Now finishing up her degree, Todorova had her final thesis exhibition at Harry Wood a month ago and is excited about the chance to show the pieces again in a different venue for Intersections. She talks about the thought process of setting up the same work in a new venue; because the Night Gallery is in a more public space, she hopes the 3-D work will draw people in.

Seems like a good method to us. The paper structures, which are actually books that can fold up completely or unfold and twist to create different sculptural formations, are somewhat mind-boggling. Todorova says that it took a bit of engineering, but she came upon a fairly simple origami form that allows the accordion-like expansions and contractions.

"Every time I open it, it's a different composition," she says. "It plays off of the ideas of repetition in everyday life. The structure is still the same but different things can happen within that structure."

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