Sanctuary in Scottsdale to Host Satori Meditation Retreat October 5-8
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Sanctuary in Scottsdale to Host Satori Meditation Retreat October 5-8

Bang a gong, Arizona.

One of Scottsdale's favorite secluded resorts and home to one the 10 best spas in Metro Phoenix, Sanctuary is holding its first-ever meditation retreat this fall. The four-day Satori Meditation Retreat led by master meditator Sarah McLean will take place from Sunday, October 5, through Wednesday, October 8.

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For the inner peace-seeking inner circle, McLean has made a name for herself with a résumé of mediation programs directed for new age notables like Deepak Chopra and Byron Katie, the founding of her own meditation teacher certification school in Sedona, the McLean Meditation Institute, and her best-selling book Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation.

McLean's Satori Meditation Retreat is intended to help practitioners find balance, relaxation, and meaning in their life through activities such as candlelight yoga, meditation in motion, mindfulness practices, and spa treatments.

This special retreat is limited to 12 people. It should also be noted that inner peace does come at a price with rates starting at $2,900 for double occupancy and $4,100 for single occupancy. A 10 percent discount is currently being offered for double occupancy reservations made by Friday, August 1.

For details, visit the itinerary online or call 480-624-8513.

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