Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant on Real Housewives Addiction and How Kristen Wiig's The Best

Look. We know plenty of people want to claim Aidy Bryant as their own. She lives in New York. She made a name for herself in Chicago. But we Phoenicians really should have first dibs on the Saturday Night Live performer. A few reasons: Her fam lives here (her mom Georganne owns one of our fave boutiques, Frances). When we recently spoke with her she wasn't kicking it in the Big Apple, but chilling in Yuma on her way to a family vacation. Plus, she told us how her career in comedy really started off in Phoenix, where she attended high school at Xavier Prep (she did the morning announcements) and found theatrical mentors around town who inspired her to pursue a career as a professionally funny person.

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Show her some hometown love when Bryant returns to the Valley for a weekend of performances alongside her SNL co-star/conspirator, Tim Robinson. The pair joined SNL last season after working together at Second City in Chi-town. Their double-bill promises a combo of sketch and improv, some testing of new material from each of them, and a Q&A sesh to end each set.

We caught up with Bryant via telephone to chat about her time on SNL, how cool Kristen Wiig and Mumford and Sons are, and her Real Housewives obsession.

You tweeted that the people at your upcoming Phoenix show will be your mom, her friends, and your high school teachers. I was kidding [laughs], but I do feel like there's going to be a definite show of everyone my parents and my brother knows.

Do you have a big network of supporters here? Oh definitely. I still come back to Phoenix a lot. My parents are here and so I've kept in touch with a lot of people here. That's part of why I'm so excited to do this show. It's the chance to bring what I've been doing in Chicago for years and now New York to Phoenix.

What can people expect to see? Well I think this is going to be a special show because it'll be me and Tim Robinson, who's a great friend of mine from back in our Chicago Second City days and we were really fortunate to be hired together and get to work together on SNL. What we're going to do is sort of like a grab bag of all kinds of fun stuff: sketches, improvisation, real Chicago-style stuff, and then we're also going to do some solo material, so you might get the chance to see some of the stuff that we auditioned with for SNL. and then also we're going to do a Q&A. It's going to be a wild ride.

What did you audition with for SNL? Well, I mean that's why you have to come see the show, right? [Laughs.] Well basically what they want from you in an audition is they want to see a range of characters and they also want to see if you have any impressions you can do. So I did mostly characters. I didn't really do a lot of impressions. I did do Adele. That was my only impression. And then a bunch of characters I had done at Second City.

What's your Adele impression like? Do you sing or do you do her funny little giggle? Maybe a little bit of both. It's a combo.

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