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SB 1070 Fuels Boycott of Downtown Phoenix Gallery

Glen Allan's not a happy camper.

The proprietor of ©haos Gallery, south of busy Roosevelt Row at 801 North 6th Street, recently had an artist bail on a group exhibition, thanks to Senate Bill 1070.

Says Allan, "Due to SB 1070, we had a graffiti artist boycott our space, hurting local business instead of the people who it would be meaningful to punish. Even us lowly downtown Phoenix art galleries are getting hurt due to this moronic law!"

The artist in question is King 157, a San Jose, California-based artist that mostly works as a graffiti writer. The accomplished creative type has planned an art-centric tour that includes visits to Louisville, San Francisco, New York City, and Paris. Phoenix was once on the docket, but he nixed it from the itinerary on account of the recently signed immigration bill.

"In light of the state of Arizona passing SB 1070," writes King 157, "I am BOYCOTTING Arizona and will not be traveling there for any art shows I have been scheduled to appear in until such a time that this law is overturned or ruled unconstitutional. I am doing this because I believe the law is just wrong and it leads to racial profiling and discrimination, as the officers will be relying on the appearance of people to detain them."

Allan obviously isn't jumping for joy that he had to scramble at the last minute to find replacements for the exhibit. "I do appreciate the idea behind what he is trying to do, but us poor ass artists are the wrong people to punish."

The "Cut to the Chase" show will go on without King 157 during tonight's First Friday reception that will feature work by Lolita Gunslinger, Fate MSK, Wayne Michael Reich, and Noelle Martinez. The shindig will also showcase live music by Dream Cookie. For more information on the exhibit, call 602-633-3008.

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