Scottsdale's Jackrabbit Lounge Becomes Cameo

Things seem to be constantly changing in Scottsdale, especially when it comes to the city's nightlife district. In the past few years alone, we've witnessed old favorites like Axis/Radius and Martini Ranch close and new arrivals like Maya and Hi-Fi make stunning debuts.

More changes are afoot, however, including the recent makeover of Jackrabbit Lounge into the newly christened nightspot called Cameo.

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The transformation took place this past weekend and included a new look for the Drinkwater Boulevard establishment, which opened as Jackrabbit Lounge in 2006, to go along with its new name.

Javier Conroy, Cameo's general manager, told Jackalope Ranch that the interior design of the club now includes more reds and blacks to give the place more oomph.

"Everything was redone inside," he says. "We changed the color scheme inside from the traditional gold and black of Jackrabbit and implemented a lot more red and black. It's more attractive with more of a sexy, higher-end feel."

Conroy adds that they've also made "state-of-the-art upgrades and additions" to the sound and lighting systems, such as installing more LEDs and a more powerful sound system to pump out Top 40 and hip-hop on Friday and Saturday when the club will be open.

One thing that's been kept around from the old Jackrabbit Lounge is the club's wall-size photographic mural of the Chicago skyline, which has been around since its days as a supper club and burlesque joint. Conroy says that the mural, which consists of numerous panels, was tossed aside during one of the remodeling attempts that Jackrabbit underwent in recent years.

He managed to salvage it before it got hauled away, however, and had it reinstalled during the transformation into Cameo.

"In the middle of the night, myself and the bar manager came by and saved it," he says. "We thought, somehow we're going to get this back inside one way or another."

As for the meaning behind the club's new moniker, Conroy says that it relates in some fashion to the notion of a celebrity making a cameo in a TV show or movie.

"A cameo is an important appearance by a celebrity or significant person. It's a very powerful kind of thing," he says. "So I think the name Cameo resonates with the idea of being this kind of place you want to go and make an appearance, the place you want to show off or to be seen."

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