Sculptor Amy Gochoel on Process, Inspiration, and her Wicket Project for Downtown's Croquet Tournament

Mallets and forks up, Phoenix! Chow Bella and Roosevelt Row present the third annual Pie Social and Croquet Tournament on Saturday, November 3, from 2 to 6 p.m. on Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix. Chow Bella's profiling the all-star line up of pie-makers, and from now til Pie Social, we'll introduce the artists creating wickets for the Croquet Tournament, one by one. Up today: Amy Gochoel

Amy Gochoel began her art career in the modeling and photography industry. After 12 years in the industry, she left to pursue a BFA degree from Arizona State University.

After taking her first sculpture class, she says she immediately knew where she belonged.

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Four years later she has shown at the Tempe History Museum, Ice House, Braggs Pie Factory, Step Gallery, Art One, Tempe Post Office, Push Gallery, and the Herberger open house art exhibit.

Gochoel says that her figurative sculpture is reflective of the experiences she had in the modeling industry and that her work seeks to reflect contemporary perceptions of beauty -- the visceral nature of human sexuality and interpersonal relationships in the context of the age of mass communication. Technology is integrated into both her process and concept it is represented physically in the form of video projection, kinetics, and experimental lighting.

Gochoel works as a shop monitor for ASU sculpture studio, is a Student Community Liaison for the School of Art at ASU and is a Special events Photographer for the Lit Lounge at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. After graduation she is planning on pursuing her MFA in Sculpture.

When you aren't sculpting you're probably...

Although I am usually in the studio when I am not sculpting I am spending time with my 5-year-old Daughter Lila. I have a great family so I spend lots of time at family BBQ's and events. Also, I am lucky to be friends with my classmates and the members of sculpture club. We share the same interests so we frequently go to local shows, openings and art events around town. We have a sculpture club family dinner once a month which is always tons of fun.

Three major inspirations or influences

Louise Bourgeois, Meret Oppenheim, Mike Kelley among others.

Since the theme is Alice in Wonderland, if you could be any character in the World of Alice in Wonderland who would it be and why?

I would be the Mad Hatter simply because he has the most fun.

Most preferred materials or medium to work with when sculpting?

Process is a huge part of my work. I work intuitively so I try to not limit my work by focusing on specific materials. Through the ASU Sculpture program I have learned how to use many materials and medias proficiently. We have a number of advanced technologies available to students as well as traditional sculptural tools. Overall, I am most experienced with metalworking, body casting, mold making and video projection. I use steel as a structural foundations as well as ascetically in finished pieces. Plaster is used at numerous stages of the process. I use it often and have become very good friends with it. Additionally, I use a variety of materials including textiles, electroluminescent wire and found materials. Currently I am working on a project that incorporates my conceptual video work with my more traditional figurative sculpture.

Favorite pie...

Hands down, it's Pumpkin.

More profiles are coming soon, but in the meantime you can check out Chow Bella's lineup of Pie Social chefs. Stay tuned to Jackalope Ranch and Chow Bella for more info.

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