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Second Skin Santa Suit Is Scarier Than Any Ugly Christmas Sweater

Whether you're looking for a way to mentally scar your children come Christmas Eve or you simply want to protect your identity while you're passing out yuletide joy in the form of ecstasy, we may have just found the perfect outfit to make your holiday wishes comes true.

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Ensuring that everyone can have themselves a scary little Christmas, online retailers Rubie's Costumes and Morphsuits are now carrying full-body Santa Claus spandex costumes.

These second skin bodysuits which are priced between $33 and $50 and sold through, allow creepers and carolers (which, let's face it, are really their own brand of creepy) to cover themselves from head to toe in Kris Kringle's iconic red uniform.

As an added bonus, Morphsuits also sells second skin elf costumes giving wearers the chance to assemble a truly nightmarish North Pole posse.

While both costumes allow for some breathability and limited visibility, it should be noted that, although drinking seasonal beer will get a little messy, drinking full-scale eggnog will look just plain wrong.

And don't stuff your suit with balls of coal, creepy Santa. Everyone can tell.

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Katie Johnson
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