Seven Summer Trends to Avoid (Please)

Consider yourself warned.

Whether IRL or in an ill-advised Instagram-in-the-dressing-room pic (really, why is that a thing now?), we shudder to imagine these seven trends on you and your loved ones. Even your worst enemies don't deserve subjection to such upsetting dressing.

7. Ankle Socks with Sandals So maybe on a really good, exceptionally girlish day Zooey Deschanel could pull this off. And, yeah, Prada, Derek Lam, and Alexander Wang officially condone it. But no woman below Zooey levels of wide-eyed, giggly quirkiness can carry this sanity-defying trend. Get a pedi or put on closed-toe shoes. End of discussion.

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Becky Bartkowski is an award-winning journalist and the arts and music editor at New Times, where she writes about art, fashion, and pop culture.
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