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Ski Goggle Tans Are Trendy in London

Turns out there's more than just fashion trends to avoid this fall.

As temperatures drop, the latest cosmetic crimes of the season are starting to emerge -- from hair salons, makeup counters, and, in defiance of all logic and reason, tanning salons.

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Starting in London and possibly working its way to the U.S. soon is a new style of winter coloring known as a ski goggle tan. This budget-friendly beauty treatment is intended to create the appearance of a post-ski glow without ever having to step foot in the snow.

In an effort to make others believe they live a lavish lifestyle complete with snow sports in the Swiss Alps, British women are taking to the tanning beds with their ski masks on, so much so that salons have started supplying pairs of their own, according to Daily Mail.

While white raccoon eyes could become status symbol in the U.K., until it actually starts snowing, it's mainly just idiotic.

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