Snake Massages Exist. Good Luck Relaxing

If bird poop facials made you squeamish, better head for the hills now, because the latest spa treatment to come out of Indonesia is literally spine tingling.

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At the Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia, clients can receive a variety of exotic treatments, including red wine bubble baths, gold facials, and ear candle therapy. But the service that's really making customers squirm is the spa's signature snake massage therapy.

The service, which costs about £30 according to Metro.co.uk, requires customers to lie face down and topless while Bali Heritage staff drape several live, and supposedly non-venomous, pythons over their bodies. The spa claims that the movement of the snakes combined with the fear-generated adrenaline of the customer has a positive effect on metabolism.

While the spa does not seem to be lacking in adventurous clients ready to try this serpent service, we can't blame you for preferring to replicate this dynamic with a horror movie and a good old-fashioned back rub.

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