Spicy Girls

No boys allowed. That’s the mantra of every girl fort ever built. Vigilant in the fight against cooties, girls deem boys simultaneously smelly and stinky, but above all, annoying. My, how times change. Puberty hits, and bam! Boy-craziness begins. “No boys allowed” turns into “Will there be boys there?”

Best of the Main Event harkens back to the old days, with one major exception. Some dudes (who go by names such as Luscious, Heat, Assassin, and Renegade) will be allowed as they're the exotic dancers who will perform the evening's all-male revue. “Guests invited on the stage do so at their own risk,” reads a disclaimer on Celebrity Theatre's website. That means you might get cut on those rippling abs or blinded by baby oiled pectorals; probably worth it.

Fri., May 11, 8:30 p.m., 2012
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Christina Caldwell