Stage: The Wedding Singer

Stage: The Wedding Singer

Recently, '80s one-hit-wonder Ah Ha broke up. They realized that the 1980s were over and even though "Take On Me" was a catchy song, its time in the limelight was over.

They got the memo. Desert Stages apparently didn't. Their rendition of The Wedding Singer is full of nostalgia, but there's nothing new about this wave.

Robrt L. Pela on The Wedding Singer:

It's late to be further bemoaning the state of the American musical. Like it or not, staged musicalizations of popular motion pictures have become a genre of their own, and a staple at little theaters like Scottsdale's Desert Stages. I attended this company's mainstage production of The Wedding Singer with low expectations -- I have, after all, seen their productions of Footloose and Tommy -- and, while there was plenty not to like about this retro tuner, there were also some small and rather pleasant surprises...full story


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