Style Inspired: Painted Leather Goods à la Logan Real

Logan Real is getting all the love these days from Hollywood A-listers and fahsionistas. He's also made a splash at Art Basel Miami. What is all the raving about? He is mixing up 1980s inspired shapes and colors with leather bags, personal organizers, wallets and sneakers.

He's on everyone's list (meaning his goods already cost more then a couple months rent), so why not just rip his style off, err use him for inspiration and make some 80's style painted leather goods yourself?

Learn how to make a Logan Real inspired leather case after the jump.

-- A used leather case you have laying around or from a thrift store
-- Scraps of leather
-- Fabric Paint
-- Fabric Paint Markers
-- Black Sharpie marker - fine point
-- Scissors
-- Automobile pin-stripping tape
-- Automobile plastic rubbing tool
-- E-6000 Glue

1. Buy a used leather case from a thrift store

2. Cut leather scraps into circles and ovals

3. Paint all leather scrap circles and ovals with fabric paint, allow paint to dry

4. Draw diamond and triangle shapes on top of the painted circles and ovals

5. Fill diamond and triangle shapes in with fabric paint markers

6. On leather case, lay out an 80's style pattern using automobile pin-stripping tape in different colors

7. Attach the tape by rubbing it into the leather with a plastic rubbing tool

8. Glue the leather circles and ovals to the leather case using E-6000 glue, press into place

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