Submit Your Passion to Ignite Phoenix No. 10

A big-time deadline is coming up on April 15, and we're not talking about the yearly rush to get your taxes off to the IRS.

Nope, this is about Ignite Phoenix

Next Friday is the last day to submit your idea to the event's organizers in hopes of sharing it with the world and participating in Ignite No. 10, which takes place later next month.

The deadline is nine days away, which should give folks plenty of time for those interested in participating put together a sentence or two about their particular passion in life. Because that's the M.O. of Ignite Phoenix: Locals getting up on a stage and presenting a 5-minute monologue of what they're passionate about, whether it's your love of Barbra Streisand, tiki culture, or the desire to build an impenetrable desert compound that will survive the apocalypse.

And although those ideas might seem a little whacked (or something we made up), they were three topics covered during previous Ignite Phoenix events and a perfect example of the wide range of subject matter being presented at the event.

Ideas must be "safe for general consumption" -- read: of a PG-13 nature -- and can't contain a sales pitch for anything, so don't even think that you can get away with pimping your new interest in Amway Products.

If you're game, fill out this submission form. Ideas must be sent by midnight on Friday, April 15.

Ignite Phoenix No. 10 will take place on Saturday, May 20, at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.