Sydney Bienniale Blogged Arizona-Style

It's an embarrassment of Arizona riches, down under.

First, word spread that not one, not two -- but three Arizona artists will be featured at the 17th Bienniale of Sydney, an enormous and important art extravaganza beginning this Thursday in Sydney, Australia.

All three artists are repped by one of our favorite locals -- Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale: Angela Ellsworth, Claudio Dicochea and Enrique Chagoya. All three are fabulous. (We covered Ellsworth's show at Lisa Sette last year. Check out a not-to-be-missed slideshow here and read about the selection process here -- both by our own Kathleen Vanesian.)

And then we learned that not one, but two of our favorite local writers would be winging it down to Sydney to cover the festivities and wax poetic about the art.

Writer and performer Tania Katan is taking good advantage of her cat bird seat as Angela Ellsworth's life-partner/travel companion to share her experiences on Hearsight. (You probably recognize Katan's name from our extensive coverage of her here on Jackalope Ranch.)

Local writer, editor and teacher (and occasional New Times contributor) Deborah Sussman Susser is also there to document the happenings, as part of a project for Arizona State University, where she teaches art/design criticism.

From time to time over the next few days, we'll share highlights of these ladies' adventures -- and maybe a grab a Q&A or two behind the scenes.

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