The 10 Best TV Sex Scenes of 2015

It’s the end of the year, and that means looking back at our favorite cultural moments, celebrity relationships, theatrical productions, and art exhibitions. But it's also time to reflect on the best sex scenes from our favorite TV shows of 2015 — from the cerebral final season of Mad Men to the discovery of a unicorn on Broad City. Without further ado (we all know why you're here), here they are: the best of the best, funniest, and most relatable sex scenes that aired on cable, debuted on networks, and were binge-watched on Netflix over the last 12 months.

When Fiona and Gus had such great sex they got married in Shameless
There’s a lot of sex in Shameless. There’s gay sex, interracial sex, oral sex, professional sex, underage sex, non-consensual sex, and all sorts of other sex. It’s actually more surprising when there’s no sex in an episode of the Showtime program. But really though, sex so good it makes you want to run off to city hall and get married? Well that’s some special stuff, even if it’s just another dumb decision made by Fiona.

When Don and Diana used an alleyway in Mad Men
This would’ve ranked higher, but there were two things holding it back.
  1. Don has a tendency to randomly hook up and fall (kind of) in love with random women. 
  2. Between the bodily fluids and the stench of an alleyway, that suit is going to be totally ruined.
When Abbi and Jeremy brought pegging to primetime in Broad City
Broad City is always breaking down boundaries for television viewers, but it entered more than just uncharted territory when Abbi and Jeremy bust out a strap-on. Broad City does a really solid job confronting serious (and semi-serious) issues while making them hilarious, and this encounter was no exception. Oh, and let’s not forget a shoutout to Dan Savage for coming up with the term “pegging.”

When Olivia and Fitz can actually enjoy sex in Scandal
If you’ve ever hooked up with a coworker before, you know how it feels to have to hide your sexytime from those around you. We can imagine that’s how these two felt, so it was good to see them finally be able to let loose for once and just really go at it.

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Josh Chesler
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