The 2013 Eisner Awards: One More Look Back at Great Graphic Novels of 2012

Yeah, okay, back in February, I swore I was moving on to the graphic novels of 2013, running through the previous year's must-read list double-time. But since the 2013 Eisner Award Nominees were announced last month, I had to make a U-turn. I thought I'd done a good job reading (and writing about) the best of 2012, but I'd only skimmed about a quarter of the cream of the crop.

This month and next, I'll catch us up on two categories of nominees for the Eisners (a.k.a. "the Oscars of comics") so that we can formulate our deeply held opinions of who's deserving by the time the awards are announced at San Diego Comicon on July 19.

This month: Best Graphic Album -- New. And the nominees are ...

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Cynthia is a freelance writer/artist living in Phoenix. Reading comics has been a lifelong pleasure for Cynthia; creating comics is a more recent pursuit. Cynthia's other job is framing art.