The El Fizzy at Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club

Since there's really no better accessory than a cocktail in your hand, each week brings you a tasty adult beverage from one of our favorite drinking establishments, complete with recipe.

This week: The El Fizzy at Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club

Old Town's newest "it" destination, Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club, feels like hanging out at a resort pool, sans room keys and screaming children. The bar's pool party concept is an ideal addition to an area known for its Vegas-like feel. With an excuse to show off your gym membership, mingle with hotties and sip delicious cocktails poolside, we're sure Spanish Fly's first summer in Scottsdale will be buzzin'.

You'll need two hands to mull over their ginormous signature drink menu, offering an endless list of fruity refreshers, like the El Fizzy, that are way too easy to guzzle down while getting your tan on.

(Recipe after the jump.)


2 oz. Pimm's Liqueur
3/4 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. gingerale
2 fresh strawberries
2 lemon wedges
pinch of mint

In a shaker combine stawberries, lemon, mint and simple syrup and muddle those mothers down. Add in Pimm's and a small scoop of ice. Shake well. Fill plastic pint glass with ice and strain contents to rid big chunks of fruit getting in the way of your drinking game. Top off with gingerale and garnish with strawberry slice and lemon wheel. Liquid courage (to be nearly naked) made oh-so easy.

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