The Fire Inside

The folks at The Firehouse aren’t exactly what you’d call civic boosters. In fact, the overall vibe at the raucous Roosevelt Row art space and commune tends more towards anarchism and anti-establishment philosophies.

So it comes as something of a surprise that the joint would host an event like “Share Fire,” a month-long exhibition featuring art work created by firefighters from around Arizona. “Yeah, I know it seems odd that we’d do something like this,” says Firehouse proprietor Michael 23. “But we wanted to show that the creative spirit can inhabit anyone, including firefighters.”

Smokebusters from throughout the state contributed more than two dozen photographs, paintings, sculptures, and other works that will be on display through October 7.

The exhibition -- which debuts on Friday, September 9, in the art space’s main gallery – will also be open to the public during The Firehouse’s 9/11 Memorial Community Gathering on Sunday, September 11. The community-oriented discussion marking the 10th anniversary of that dark day in American history a decade ago, will feature artists and other Valley residents sharing stories about how the event impacted their lives.

Michael 23 and his fellow Firehouse artists also recent erected a 9/11 memorial on the sidewalk outside the gallery, which also functions as an alter for offerings. The display will also be available for viewing on September 11.
Sun., Sept. 11, 7 p.m., 2011
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