The Five Most Miserable-Looking Animals at the Arizona State Fair

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3. Capuchin Monkeys

Observing this pair of excitable primates inside their cage, which is located on the north side of the fairgrounds, was like watching scenes from a prison break movie. 

Chattering away, the two wily capuchins (widely viewed as some of the world's more intelligent monkeys) were manically dashing around their seven-foot by three-foot fenced enclosure looking for an escape, fumbling with padlocks, and pulling on doors. Needless to say, they wanted out of their cage.

2. Giant Pig
The large sign enticing fair patrons to "come see the giant pig" isn't lying, as a half-ton hog is contained within an elevated habitat. A nonstop stream of gawkers each pay a dollar to view this gargantuan bacon factory, make fun of its humongously large testicles, and recoil in horror at the sweet stench of pig feces while it stands there grunting and oinking. 

Sadly, its pen is a barely twice as large as the beast itself, leaving it little room to turn around. Perhaps it should learn to read and lead a revolution along with the fair's other animals, ala Snowball from George Orwell's Animal Farm.

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