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The Garage Bike Shop Hosts Bike Swap Meet

The first glimpses of (a hopefully much cooler) autumn are often best felt on a bike ride -- to class, work, the bar, wherever.  And if you don't have a pair of wheels, The Garage Bike Shop is looking to help. 

The Guadalupe-based bike shop is hosting its first Bike Swap Meet in the courtyard of El Tianguis Mercado this Saturday. It's an opportunity for anybody to bring new or used bicycles and parts to sell, trade, and buy.

Audrey Tolido, who co-owns the shop with her husband Rene, says they have been in the bike business for more than 20 years and hope more events like these get people to embrace bike culture in Arizona. "It's about finding the right bike for the right person," she says. 

​And beyond local bicycle culture, Tolido's hoping events like the swap meet will be an opportunity for the public to experience and learn more about Guadalupe. 

"This town is a beautiful place and there's a lot going for it," says Tolido, who added attendees will be able to browse the collection of shops and grab some authentic Mexican grub at the Mercado. 

Those looking to sell or trade bikes and parts can bring tables or blankets to set up stands in the plaza's courtyard. There's no fee for attending or setting up.

Tolido says she and her husband hope to make this a monthly event to draw new cyclists, especially young ones.

The swap meet is scheduled for September 10 at 8 a.m. Those looking to sell should arrive an hour early to set up.

The Garage Bike Shop and El Tianguis Mercado are located at 9201 S Avenida del Yaqui, on the corner of Priest Drive and Guadalupe Road. For more information call 480-839-1533. 

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