Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend

If you were hoping to get your sweet on at the Cupcake Crawl or looking forward to rocking out with Canadian band Dayglo Abortions, you're out of luck. Tickets for the cupcake and liquor event are already sold out, and the Abortions have been aborted, er, deported back to Canada (though the rest of the show will still go on).

Luckily, we've got a handful of other activities to keep you busy throughout the weekend.

2011 Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer Announcement @ MIM
The Musical Instrument Museum isn't the place we'd expect to find a cache of the hottest local up-and-coming fashion designers, especially with Phoenix Art Museum's heavy couture focus this year. But this Friday night at 7 p.m., the folks behind the annual Phoenix Fashion Week will announce the finalists for their $15,000 Emerging Designer award. The kicker is that some of this year's contenders are from out of state. We're dying to see which locals make the cut and what designs they'll be showcasing on the runway this fall -- that, and what everyone will be wearing to the soiree. Admission is free.

Fight Club Sadisco* @ The Firehouse
The first rule of Fight Club Sadisco is don't talk about Fight Club Sadisco cover your groin if you're participating. Because at this fighting free-for-all, anything goes unless otherwise previously agreed upon. Anyone can get in the makeshift cardboard "ring" and start throwing punches. The upside is that it's quite the spectacle, as our own Benjamin Leatherman proved when he beat the snot out of a punk-haired anarchist at last year's event. Along with flying fists, you'll also be treated to the sights of power tool wielding fiends Grindwhore and the sounds of industrial band Hex|Rx and DJs Squalor, Self-Destrukt and Jodo Kazt. Tickets are $11.

Scottsdale Urban Chase @ Downtown Scottsdale
If you're brave enough to battle the heat (or smart enough to stay in your air-conditioned car), the City of Scottsdale is hosting an urban scavenger hunt as part of its 60th Anniversary activities. Starting at 7:30 a.m. (aka just barely after the ass-crack of dawn), teams of 1-5 people will start receiving clues that lead to landmarks around the city. Teams that earn 60 points by checking off landmarks on their hunt will be entered in a prize drawing. Play on the fly by visiting the event website the morning of the chase, or get a head start with early clues by hooking up with the organizers via Facebook or Twitter. Free to play.

Father's Day BBQ @ Practical Art
Maybe your dad is a killer griller, BBQing charcoal grilled steaks, dogs and burgers to rival those that Guy Fieri taste-tests on Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives. Or maybe he more like Tim Allen's character in The Santa Clause, who takes his kid out to the only open restaurant in town -- Denny's -- after burning the holiday turkey. If your pops falls into the latter category, Practical Art is ready to save this Sunday with a casual, family-friendly barbecue that requires no actual cooking skills. Tell dad to relax and head to the store for a free, fresh-grilled meal from noon-2 pm on Father's Day. There'll be plenty of brewskis to go around. Dad can also amuse himself on the putting green, or stay for the 2 p.m. Socrates Cafe discussion group if he's the intellectual sort.  

OMG WTF It's a Waterfight @ El Dorado Park
With everyone and their mother whining about how quickly the summer heated up, what better way to cool off than with a nice dip in a crowded public pool? Just kidding! Grab the biggest, baddest super soaker you can find and head to Scottsdale's Skate Park from noon-9 p.m. on Sunday, where locals will be firing up the BBQ -- and mercilessly firing the loaded water weapons at each other. DJs Martyr, Qwik, CL McSpadden and more will be proving beats to back up the wet n' wild showdown. The event is free (donations welcome), the park will be providing the water, and kids and four-legged friends are welcome.

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