Tune In Tokyo

TUE 4/5
To all the wanna-bes who love sushi and Bruce Lee, but whose best kung fu moves are limited to wax on and wax off, Tokyo Tuesdays are for you. Leave the coveted Enter the Dragon box set at home and karate-chop your way to Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant, 411 South Mill Avenue in Tempe, for the weekly ode to Japanese pop culture exports. On Tuesday, April 5, from 8 p.m. to midnight, Ra will screen old Godzilla and martial arts flicks while serving monster drinks and menu items. Shogun's Ninja and Legend of the Eight Samurai are among the films screened in the past month. And while you're mocking the bad voice-overs to impress your date, a sampling of Ra's seven different specialty drinks will keep you warm and fuzzy even after she bolts for the door. No cover charge. Call 480-303-9800. -- Steve Jansen

Rubber Neckers
Get "Twisted" at Red Eye show

FRI 4/1
Valley shutterbug and ASU alum Patrick Madigan could have been having a bad acid trip watching Cousin Itt on The Addams Family. Or maybe that scene in The Exorcist, where little Linda Blair's head does a 360, inspired him. Whatever the muses, Madigan's photography exhibit, "Twisted," opening Friday, April 1, at Red Eye Gallery, 918 North Sixth Street, Unit A, is a head trip. The heads of the subjects in every portrait have been completely turned around., creating some startling images of what looks like a race of hairy-faced people. Such a surreal take continues the abstract appeal of Madigan's previous works, such as the "Evolution of the Flesh" and the "mono no aware" series. See www.patrickmadigan.com. -- Niki D'Andrea

High Teq
Agave grows at the Garden

FRI 4/1
If you choose gold over silver and think the worm in the bottle is anything more than a marketing ploy, it's high time for some tequila tutoring. Don't fret; remedial education rolls easily over the palate at the Desert Botanical Garden's third annual "Agave on the Rocks." Representatives from Patron and Jose Cuervo will be on hand to teach the tenets of tequila. With the garden brimming with caterers offering Southwestern cuisine, and sounds of mariachi, salsa and marimba bands filling the night air, it's the perfect antidote for everyone who missed out on a trip to Acapulco this spring break. Tickets, available only in advance to those 21 and older, are $50. The succulent soiree runs from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, April 1, at 1201 North Galvin Parkway. See www.dbg.org or call 480-941-1225.-- Douglas Towne

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