Universal Furnishings and Offerings (UFO)

Universal Furnishings and Offerings (UFO)

We've had our eye on this dynamic space along 16th Street (between Osborn and Indian School Roads) that offers vintage, antique, and unique discoveries.

Owner Leonardo Ramirez is super energetic and has an infectious personality. He coined the term "recyclitude" to describe his business (and life) approach. His latest endeavor is his on-site "Earth Lab" where he teaches sewing and craft classes that focus on re-using old materials.

The store also contains the Unsung Gallery that hosts monthly art shows featuring amazing outsider art (read more about the gallery and a previous show here).

Obviously, the place is huge. Which is why we ended up with so many photos in the slideshow.

UFO (Universal Furnishings and Offerings) at 3602 N. 16th St. (on the west side of 16th St., just North of Osborn), 602-862-8735, UFO facebook page.


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