Up Jumps the Boogie

If your last get-together had all of the fun of a Tupperware party and the thrills of a snail race, you should look to the good folks of AZ Rockabilly for inspiration.

The group’s Rock-A-Bella, a hepcat-and-kitten mélange of all things smooth and slick, hot-rods its way into your plans. Pachuco Jose (a.k.a. Jose Lara) will provide swingin' sounds with two different bands, Los Diamantes and Los Boogie Boys. Lara, a hot-stepping bandleader dressed to the nines in a zoot suit, is sure to inspire splendid feats of swinging, shaking, and shimmying. Plus, a shindig isn't a shindig if there aren't some lovely shins to be dug, so expect the pinup contest to bring some beautiful Betties out to play. Los Desperados Motor Club will be in tow to ensure that vintage vehicles from heavy Chevys to white-walled Fords get their proper respect while Acapulco 5-0 and S.O.L. add additional musical flourish.

Sat., July 19, 3 p.m., 2008
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Jose Gonzalez