Vintage By Misty: Decade Classics and Vintage Treasures on Central Avenue

Misty Guerriero knows fashion -- and her customers. "I thought about you when I bought these," she tells a woman as she picks out a few outfits. "I got these in Israel."

Her store, Vintage by Misty is a new addition along Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix. It's small, but packed with decade classics including chandelier earrings from the 1920s and a hot pink poncho from the 1970s.

Guerriero admits her taste in clothes is expensive but that she's working on finding more pieces that will fit a college girl's budget.

"I'd rather have less inventory than bad inventory," she says. "Every piece tells a story. Every piece is an heirloom piece."

Check out what we'd like to take home, what we want, what we don't and why we'd go back after the jump.

What We'd Take Home:

1. Vintage Dior Button Rings - $80 to $180.
They're fun, and they come in a few different sizes.

2. Cherub Sconces - $125 (per pair).
This touch of old fashioned whimsy could go a long way in a girl's bedroom in her new apartment.

3. Vintage cuff bracelet- $55
More our price range, this bracelet could make any outfit interesting.

4. Banana Leaf Paintings - $40
Interesting and different, these paintings on banana leaf are from Egypt, where Misty spent two months treasure hunting for her store.

On Our Wish List:

1. Vintage YSL snake skin heels - $250
Because we all kind of want to be Joan from Mad Men.

2. Missoni vintage purse - $780
Never been used, Misty tells us she got this funky 70s purse from an older lady in Palm Springs, California who just "had it in a garage." We'd like to just have this in our closets.

3. Vintage 60s Dior Sunglasses - $400
OK, so slightly out of our price range ... OK, a lot out of our price range, but these sunglasses would pretty much make any outfit. Plus, it's really bright in Arizona. We need these. Ask everyone to contribute to a fund so you can buy these glasses.

What We'll Pass On:

1. Chinese Brush - $23 Fun, but when there's so much merchandise in one store, we'd like to save the $23 dollars and put it toward those Dior sunglasses.

2. Butterfly top - $110
Only because we don't have any glitzy event to wear this to. Somebody invite us somewhere!

Why We'd Go Back:

The store might be open, but it isn't even finished yet. Misty admits she's still waiting on a few boxes of merchandise from Israel and soon, the back of the store will be a customers-only café where patrons can buy clothes and have a free cup of coffee and a pastry. What part of that can't you love?

Vintage by Misty is located at 818 N. Central Ave., and is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sunday by appointment only.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.