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Voyage Trekkers Creator Nathan Blackwell Talks Season Two, an eBook, and What's on His Must-See List

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Blackwell says that contrary to season one, where everything was very episodic and you could shuffle the episodes around and not know, this season is much more continuous-plot-driven.

"We really wanted to zoom out and get a larger perspective of how these characters exist in their worlds," says Blackwell. "So we're going to develop the characters and the world a little more, so that people can get involved with the show."

In an effort to get their fans even more involved, and create an opportunity outside of the two-to-six minute episodes (season two's episodes will be slightly longer) to delve deeper into the world and the characters of the show, the co-writer, Craig Michael Curtis, wrote a novella as an eBook, of which the team offers for free.

"We priced it free because it was mainly meant as a gift for our fans who wanted to dig deeper into the show," says Blackwell. "I find that with web series, it's really important to cultivate those fans, because those superfans will actually share your show with everyone that they meet. They will be your cheerleader, not only to you, but to their friends. And that's really vital when you're building a fan base."

Blackwell says the fans are why he and the team stay active on their Facebook page, posting pictures of about the ups and downs and the behind the scenes of the show. He says he wants people to know they're doing it for fun, and they're just normal people trying to make something cool.

While the cast and crew haven't discussed long-term goals for the show, Blackwell says he hopes to eventually make projects like "Voyage Trekkers" become his actual career, and not just for fun.

"Movies are all I know, so my goal is to have a career making feature films and web series and just doing the kinds of things I love, but to actually have a career out of it," says Blackwell. "So that's my big aspiration, I'm basically going all in with this passion project, and trying to make a career out of it."

The cast and crew are hosting a launch party Tuesday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Tom's Tavern in downtown Phoenix to preview the premiere before it officially launches on their website the following morning.

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