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We're Doomed: Hyundai Creates "Zombie-Proof" Car (VIDEO)

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If you're a true believer in the upcoming zombie apocalypse (and not the one involving bath salts), buckle up.

Hyundai and The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman have joined forces to create a "Zombie Survival Machine" version of the Elantra Coupe, which they'll unveil during San Diego's Comic Con next month.

According to the creators, the car features "a spiked cow catcher for plowing through slow-moving zombie mobs, spinning blades protruding from the wheel hubs, slotted metal plates protecting the windows and a metal fence that pops up around the sunroof opening to create a protected firing position ... The car runs on all-terrain rally style tires for high speed driving and has an old-school CB radio to communicate with other survivors."

No word on whether the car can run on tears or dirt -- the only natural resources that are likely available in plenty after zombie takeovers -- or whether the model will ever make it to market.

Until then, head for the bunkers.

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Claire Lawton
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