X-Men Director Bryan Singer to Appear in Chandler This Weekend

​Comic book geeks everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Bryan Singer.

The film director (who first rose to fame with his complex neo-noir thriller The Usual Suspects) helped spark the superhero movie trends back in 2000 when X-Men hit multiplexes everywhere. The mutant movie trend scored $296 million at the box office and - more importantly - proved to Hollywood that costumed crusaders were bankable characters, thus kicking off the slew of comic book-inspired movies.

So be sure to shout "Excelsior!" at Singer (or at least give him a high-five) when he appears at the Chandler Center for the Arts this weekend for a special discussion about his life in Hollywood and his lengthy career.

And what a career its been. As a director, he's helmed two of the better superhero flicks in the past 15 years in both X-Men and its worthy sequel X2 (for the sake of argument, we'll assume that the loathsome Superman Returns never happened) and gave the cinema world one of its most memorable twist endings ever when - spoiler alert! - Kevin Spacey was revealed as the villainous mastermind Keyser Söze at the end of The Usual Suspects.

In the television world, Singer was one of the original producers of popular medical drama House, and helped transform Hugh Laurie from a loveable British comedian into an irascible and misanthropic genius doctor.

Such exploits on both the big and small screen will be explored at length during the evening-long "Get Reel with Director Bryan Singer," which will benefit the soon-to-be-constructed Holocaust & Tolerance Museum and Education Center in Chandler and will be conducted using a format similar to Bravo's renowned Inside the Actor's Studio. Expect plenty of behind-the-scenes stories about life in Hollywood and maybe even a few yarns about wrangling Wolverine.

"Get Reel with Director Bryan Singer" takes place at 7 p.m. on Saturday at Chandler Center for the Arts, 250 North Arizona Avenue in Chandler. Tickets are $36 for general admission, $100 for VIP admission. Click here for more info.

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