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Yucca Tap Room Named Arizona's Most Popular Bar

Damn Yucca Tap Room, you popular. Really popular. In fact, the list-meisters at BuzzFeed recently named you the most popular bar in all of Arizona.

The viral media website -- renowned for its lists of animated GIFs, '90s pop cultural tidbits, and funny cat pictures -- bestowed the honor on the Tempe dive and music venue via a rundown of "America's Most Popular Bars in 2013" that was published online late last week.

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According to Buzzfeed, the list, which included taverns, nightspots, and watering holes in every one of the 50 states, was based on each place's Foursquare ratings. Hence, the joint with the highest ranking on the social media service during 2013 (which is based on check-ins, patron satisfaction, and other factors) in each respective state made the list.

Yucca Tap Room, which currently boasts a 9.4 rating out of 10 on Foursquare, must've had plenty of patrons checking in and got the nod for Arizona. Its entry on BuzzFeed's list also highlighted its near-nightly slate of live music offerings and selection of craft beer and whiskeys. We're guessing that the fact that almost every show there is free also helps.

(Of course, we've also given the bar plenty of love over the year's ourselves in the form of multiple Best of Phoenix awards, including naming it "Best Rock Club" and a place with the "Best Hangover Breakfast" this year.)

The Yucca edged out other local nightspot favorites like Crescent Ballroom (9.3), Casey Moore's (9.2), The Vig Uptown (9.1), and Shady's (9.0) to make the BuzzFeed list.

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