BEST WAY TO CUT YOUR CRAP 2005 | Freecycle | Shopping & Services | Phoenix
Say you've just spent countless weekends trying to rid your residence of unwanted objects and other oddities, or rushed out to shop, after reading our "Goods and Services" section of Best of Phoenix. After six carport sales, though, no one wants that huge concrete fountain of a cherub pissing in a pool or the soiled patio furniture. There's no way you can sell it on eBay, and the thrift store won't touch it. Someone should put it to good use instead of letting it linger in a landfill, but nobody in his or her right mind will beg, borrow or steal it from you . . . except for the folks on Freecycle, that is. Conceived by an environmentally conscious Tucson resident in 2003, this vast network of separate community-specific e-mail Listservs around the world -- including 18 devoted to Valley regions -- is made up of locals who'll come pick up your outcasts on a first come, first served basis. It's one freaky flea market, as users can either announce their weird wares -- like killer fish or broken screen doors -- or make specific requests for items another Netizen might have. Think of it as the most bizarre bazaar of all.

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