BEST SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES 2006 | Mystic Paper at The Peddler's Wife | Shopping & Services | Phoenix
Scrapbooking has practically eclipsed baseball as the national pastime. There are scrapbooking clubs, scrapbooking newsletters, even sold-out scrapbooking conventions. When's the last time you saw a full house at a Diamondbacks game? Mystic Paper may not be the largest scrapbooking store in the area, but it's always well-stocked, and with the antique store in front, you can pick up a couple of old tintype photos or antique advertisements to lend authenticity to your keepsake. There's a huge assortment of printed papers and vellum, punches, die-cutouts and cute little knobs shaped like door handles. The reason we love this shop so much is that the staff's friendly craft ideas are (mostly) idiot-proof. So, guys, next time you're looking to impress your wife or girlfriend, grab a fistful of photos and get some supplies from The Peddler's Wife. Chocolates melt, flowers die, but a handmade scrapbook is forever.
Just when you think you've seen everything Phoenix has to offer, you discover this towering maze of boxes stuffed with papier-mch teapots, tiny plastic feet, and soaring stacks of grosgrain. Diane Ribbon and Notions, founded by Diane Rust's family in the 1940s, is likely to awaken the inner crafter in anyone. There, you'll find everything you'll ever need to make stuff prettier: sacks of bugle beads to gem-tone your cell phone with; "Sad Hobo" heads to adorn a yarn-covered Kleenex box; and enough Mod Podge to shellac your entire house with. We can't remember what life was like before this wholesale notions company was opened to the public a couple of years ago, and we don't want to. All we know is the present, which is covered in sequins and decoupage; and the future, which we plan to devote to the lost art of safety pin jewelry. We know we'll find everything we need at Diane's.
There's something exciting about watching a fully restored classic car cruise down the street. In a sea of Hondas, Toyotas and other off-the-assembly-line cars, it's nice to see people putting thought into what they drive. And if you're into classic or custom cars, you've probably experienced the frustration of trying to buy a part from Pep Boys or any other chain auto parts store. Which is why So-Cal Speed Shop is a car customizer's dream. The shop has specialized in vintage Ford and Chevrolet parts for 32 years, and the knowledgeable staff can get hard-to-find parts from the manufacturer and into your hands with a quick turnaround. If you're into cars, this is the kind of place you could spend a day in, and even if you don't know (or care) about auto parts, there's enough Americana and nostalgia in here to keep you occupied while your car buff shops. Check out the fully restored Model-T in the front of the shop it's cool enough to make it obvious why some people spend major dollars fixing up a rusted-out piece of junk and turning it into something that'll turn heads on the freeway.

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