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While plenty of restaurants offer 20 percent off for fellow restaurant and bar workers either all the time or at certain times of day, Lustre Bar kicks the whole concept of industry perks up a notch by hosting pool parties with a great view of downtown Phoenix every Monday from 6 until 10 p.m. The fun doesn't stop at the pool, though, because Lustre also offers happy hour pricing all day with great, refreshing, and innovative cocktails dreamed up by Stephanie Teslar. While non-industry types also can weasel their way poolside with a discounted drink, it's supposed to be an opportunity for those who serve to get pampered a little — so buzz off if you plan on being high maintenance. Sadly, this only goes from Memorial Day to Labor Day, while the weather is right for lounging by the pool.


Ordinarily, nightlife activity dries up once the liquor stops flowing at 2 a.m., turning most bar and club employees into party-poopers eager to pull the plug, turn off the taps, and lock the doors. Except at Karamba, where the staff entices insomniacs, party monsters, and members of the 18-and-over crowd with promises of after-hours thrills at ungodly hours of the weekend. The place is alive with movement up until 4 a.m. as DJ Jesus Vega spins high-energy tracks, pulsating beats, and Top 40 remixes while clubgoers work up a sweat, work off all the alcohol, or just plain work it. And while there's nary any booze being served, the mix of light, color, sound, and close-quarters contact proves to be intoxicating enough.

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