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There are times when living in Phoenix can be tough. Politics, the endless sprawl of chain restaurants and strip malls. But Vintage Phoenix, a Facebook page managed by local musician and photographer Dave Driscoll, doesn't make Phoenix perfect, but the vintage pictures, of canoe paddlers at Encanto Park, the Tovrea stockyards in the late '40s, and a downtown remarkably different looking than the one we're used to, do help remind us of a true community, of a shared historical perspective that often is built over or demolished by our local government and industry. More than 31,000 folks "like" the page, and they regularly take to the comments section to reminisce and share more photos. It may be just pictures popping up in a social media feed, but a couple of times a week, it feels like home. Pictures evoking nostalgia for a time in which some of us lived, and some of us just wish we had.

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