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Grown exclusively by Harvest of Tempe, Verde Electric is a genetic cross unique to Phoenix. This strain is a mix of Durban Poison, Platinum OG, and Sherbet genetics. It is known as "electric" because of its energetic, relaxed, and clear-headed but potent effects. The buds are a bright, light green color, giving the strain the "verde" moniker. Patients report decreased nausea and improved digestion after use. For a fantastic strain that is truly unique to the Valley, Verde Electric is a must-try.

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Baked Bros Pourable THC Syrup is a revolutionary product in the world of cannabis-infused edible products. Flavors include Grape, Cherry, Strawberry-Kiwi, Mango, and Watermelon. Each batch is strain-specific, allowing patients to choose between sativa, indica, and hybrid options. It can be purchased in bottles containing either 300 or 600 milligrams of THC. With 10 milligrams being a widely accepted standard dose of THC, the active ingredient responsible for the "high" of cannabis, either bottle will last a while for most patients. What sets this product apart from imitators is the consistency of the syrup, which doesn't separate over time. It can be added to drinks or simply consumed on its own. Similar to a tincture, if you choose to hold the liquid in your mouth, it will be absorbed sublingually and you will feel effects in five to 10 minutes.

Melting Point Extracts is on the cutting edge of cannabis-extraction technology. Their Butane Hash Oil (BHO) shatters and waxes are flavorful and potent, with impressive terpene retention that allows you to smell and taste the plant matter that went into these extracts. However, for those who are terpene-obsessed, they also offer flavorful and aromatic live resin. Live resin is an extraction method where plant material is frozen and extracted immediately after being harvested, instead of waiting for the material to be cured as would be the case for a traditional extraction. Many of the compounds in cannabis are volatile and can be lost through the curing process; live resin extraction helps preserve as many of these as possible. For those concerned about the purity of their extracts, MPX offers CO2 extracts as well. In this method, super-critical or liquid CO2 takes the place of traditional hydrocarbons like butane. The result is an extremely clean and unique extract. What is even more impressive is the consistency or texture that MPX has achieved with their CO2 extracts; they rival the glass-like BHO shatters on the market.

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Monarch's flower offering laid out in jars with informational cards

For those unfamiliar with cannabis as medicine or looking for a personalized treatment plan for their specific ailments, it would be hard to find a better consultation anywhere than at Monarch, a dispensary in Scottsdale. New patients are offered a private consultation with one of Monarch's knowledgeable and friendly staff members. They are happy to discuss any and all questions related to cannabis and offer recommendations of products and treatment methods that patients should try. First-time patients typically receive a follow-up phone call a few days after their visit to inquire about their experience with their products. Monarch truly goes above and beyond to help patients and put them at ease.

Sky High has an impressive selection of glass, vaporizers, accessories, and tobacco products at competitive prices. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about all products. Sky High offers fun events and specials for holidays like 4/20 and 7/10. Kitty-corner to the main shop, Sky High recently opened a glass gallery that specializes in unique and custom pieces by some of the finest glass artists from around the country. This gallery truly brings something unique to the Phoenix glass scene, and is something all glass lovers should see.

Kim Wessinger can do without the kitschy cult following of Midcentury Modern. That's because the longtime owner of pristine barware boutique RegencyMod offers a different caliber of one-of-a-kind glassware better classified as Hollywood Regency style. "If it doesn't scream Frank [Sinatra], it's not for me," she says. Wessinger's cocktail sets predominantly feature art deco graphics completed in actual 24-karat gold and immaculate, artist-signed tumblers — the limited-edition sort that only would have been available once at, say, Neiman Marcus in 1961. Because of this, her barware has been featured on the sets of movies, television shows, and the window displays of posh flagship stores. Of course, you could display these antique works of art in your own home; you'll just have to pay Hollywood prices to get them.

Established in 2011 as Rocket Resale, this Tempe punk shop at Southern and Mill avenues has plenty to offer in the way of women's and men's clothing. Within heavily decorated walls, you'll find retro-cut dresses, alternative and upcycled accessories, chunky shoes, band shirts, and geek-themed purses. Owned by mother-and-daughter-in-law duo RoseAna Dodge and Stormy Love, Rocket a Go~Go carries favorite brands for rockabilly- and punk-leaning girls and boys like Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, Kreepsville 666, Dr. Martens, Iron Fist, and their own house brand. Plus, resale is still a major part of Rocket a Go~Go. The "Rocket Girls" also draw in a number of famous shoppers from the neighboring Yucca Tap Room, including Sugar Thieves, Nekromantix, and Agent Orange.

We'd be hard-pressed to think of a better method of whiling away an afternoon than sifting through vintage furniture and goods. And that goes double when there's a deal on the table. Which is precisely the case with Third Thursdays at Zinnias, when the multi-level Melrose Curve shop knocks 20 percent off of nearly everything in stock, save for the fancier furniture in its front room. No matter, though. The rest of the antique shop is stacked with goods, ranging from Pyrex dishware and midcentury couches to vintage magazines and framed artwork that might just be the finishing touch you've been looking for.

You've definitely seen this place when driving on Interstate 17: the sprawling white building with the cute and incredibly large cartoon armadillo meeting eyes with you from the back of Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. The expansive operation is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and features more than 600 antique dealers selling everything from military memorabilia to books, home decor, and historic crystal, china, and pottery collections. Shoppers can take home anything from comic books to bikes to those vintage, Flintstones-adorned Welch's jelly jars. Brass Armadillo also offers a snack bar and free lessons to dealers and the public on how to post antique items through iAntique, Craigslist, and eBay. There are other Brass Armadillo locations in the West Valley and Des Moines, Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska, Kansas City, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado, in case you need your antique fix outside of central Phoenix – but this one is our favorite.

We have this thing with display windows — and particularly, the Valley's lack of them. There's something special about a stylishly posed swing dress catching your eye, and the ladies at Antique Sugar know this all too well. Not that we need convincing to step inside the shop. Sugar has been a favorite spot for both men's and women's vintage clothing for years now. The boutique's in a league of its own downtown, with candy-colored party dresses, hefty turquoise-and-silver belt buckles, and the tacky-meets-sparkly overkill of costume jewelry. But still, we really like those windows.

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