Feathered Bastard

Triumph of the Swill: Local white supremacist J.T. Ready attends neo-Nazi rally in Omaha, NE

From the Omaha Nazi rally, J.T.'s the second from the right.

The Ernst Roehm of East Valley, former Mesa City Council candidate J.T. Ready has been lying low for a while, at least since I saw him arm-in-arm with AZ state Rep. Russell Pearce, after his rabble-rousing speech at the big anti-immigrant hoedown at the State Capitol back in June. But it seems J.T. made it up to Omaha, Nebraska for a September 1 neo-Nazi demonstration outside the Mexican consulate there. According to a statement by NSM Commander Jeff Schoep made on the National Socialist Movement Web site, "special guest speakers" at the event included "JT Ready/Arizona Republican activist." And indeed, if you look carefully at the gaggle of brownshirts herded behind fences to help keep 'em separated from counterdemonstrators, you can spy the blubber-bound fascist in a gray suit hobnobbing with those in full S.A. regalia. Apparently, he wasn't alone, "Notable mentions go out to the new NSM Arizona unit or was it NSM Kansas for having the most guys in attendance from a single NSM chapter (that might have been a tie)."

The pride of Mesa, once again, second from right.

Way to represent, J.T.! You're a credit to your, um, "master race." But why wasn't J.T. done up like Hermann Goering or some other fat Nazi bastard? Can't he afford a uniform? Maybe he needs to get his own neo-Nazi troupe goin', get some dues rollin' in from other local losers, then he can have him some Nazi duds too.

Anyway, sounds like the after-party was hella-fun for the racist assholes in attendance, with a hammer toss (insert your own homoerotic joke here), the lighting of two giant swastikas, a bonfire, tunes from the hate-core band Total War, the burning of Israeli and Mexican flags, a visit from the Norse God "Odin," and of course loads of gay sex. Just kiddin'. I'm sure it was just the usual masculine bonding. But there does seem to be a definite lack of a female presence judging from the videos of the after-party on the NSM site.

For anyone who's doubted J.T.'s National Socialist bona fides, especially after he outed himself on NewSaxon.com, the neo-Nazi MySpace, his participation in this rally is about as blatant as it gets. Of course, if he starts walking a German Shepherd named Adolf, I'll let you know.

J.T. snuggling with state Rep. Russell Pearce at the State Capitol in June.

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