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Emerson Fry Bread

Anybody familiar with our food truck scene knows that one of the longtime greats is Emerson Fry Bread, mobile purveyor of American Indian foods and gemlike drinks. Classically trained Loren Emerson, who is Mohave, Quechan, and Mexican, and Dine chef Roxanne Wilson are behind the truck, along with their kids. You can't roll up to this truck without ordering a drink. They come in tall Mason jars sloshing with ice. A nuclear-pink prickly pear lemonade kicks with the watermelon-meets-strawberry-meets-guava flavor of cactus fruit. The Sedona Sunset iced tea also has a cult following. Emerson's fry bread is puffy and pale brown with rich flavor and plenty of chew. You can eat it plain, sure. But souped up into a sandwich or taco, it catapults this truck into a league of its own. The classic order at Emerson Fry Bread is the Jazzy, grilled carne asada served as an Indian taco with no decorations. An upstart newcomer that has dethroned the former king, however, is this truck's mutton sandwich. Sheep leg grilled to high succulence and flaked onto fry bread with onion, chiles, and half of a baked potato, this gut-busting sandwich is one of the great simple pleasures of the Valley food scene. New Normal: Follow the Emerson Fry Bread Facebook page for current or upcoming service locations. Text 602-516-8228 for any quick pick-ups or questions.
Chris Malloy
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